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    Please note, however, that we are trying to update the status of our items and new items as soon as possible. It may, therefore, be that items are no longer available or that the entire collection is not yet online.

     You can, if you wish, follow us on Instagram (@ chicetjeune.paris), we post in Story the news and reassortments in real-time.


      There are several methods available to you to place an order :

·      directly on this website, by adding to your basket the items in the desired colors and quantities

Moreover, if you would like to order from these methods below : 

·      by mail: chicjeune@hotmail.fr

·      by telephone:

·      by Whatsapp/Wechat:

  many pieces of information are needed in order to treat rapidly your order :

·      References, colors, and quantities of chosen articles.

·      Company name

·       Address

·      VAT number 

You will then receive a confirmation of your order, followed by your



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         There’s how you use it: every time you’ll click on the heart (
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         Access to this list anytime by clicking « Favoris » on your right side.


         From your list, you can delete the article by clicking on the cross (x).



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